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"To Christmas or Not to Christmas..."

I am one of those rare(??) people who do not like to decorate for holidays - Christmas is the exception. I like to decorate for Christmas. It seems like a big enough holiday to warrant rearranging, cleaning, and decorating my home for. But other nationally recognized or "hallmark holidays" just are not large enough to receive the same treatment. Doing art for a particular holiday also seems limiting. BUT this year I have been commissioned to do some Christmas trunks (wooden trunks with wintery, Christmas scenes). They have been more fun than I imagined! I always love painting, of course, but I was surprised at how much I like doing the trunks. Trees, snow, stars... it is fun and more freeing than the traditional canvas. So, in-between rearranging, cleaning, and decorating my home space I am finishing up the last of the commissions this year - the Christmas trunks - while listening to Christmas music. Do I have enough of a Christmas theme going? No. I think I need a Peppermint-y Starbucks something. ;)

Now excuse me while I go paint some snow!

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