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The Work of Her Hands...

If I have traveled down this road of art, I’ve discovered something fascinating. Now that I have something that is uniquely “me” that I produce, I have something to give. But there is a satisfying strength in having the ability to give something of value.

I can donate to a charity auction, give to the less fortunate, and use my skills to bring other’s imaginings to life. Suddenly, I feel empowered.

But in reflection of this, how often do we possess strengths, skills, ideas, and abilities of our inner selves that can uniquely bless the world? We are all creations of special production that have ways to love and change our world and “love thy neighbor.” Often we downplay them and consider them of no account. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is your “art?” What thing do you do, have, or posses that you can use to change the lives and atmosphere around you? Look, think, pray, and you’ll see more opportunities than you could ever dream of. —-K

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