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“Creativity takes courage” - Matisse

"Creativity takes courage." - Henri Matisse Hey Friends! Hope life is finding you well. After much sickness (bleh!) and so many events (argh!) I can finally get some time to type out a blog. My artistic medium is painting, not writing, so I am going to find some great wisdom from other artisans and then share my take on it. Cool? Cool. "Creativity takes courage" is from Henri Matisse. He was a great influencer at the turn of the century along with the likes of Pablo Picasso.

It is very true that to be creative it takes courage. Creativity is an expression of ourselves (whether skilled or unskilled) it shows a bit of the character and personhood of its creator. It is something tangible and visible to everyone... now subject to thoughts, opinions, and judgments. It can be hard when you create something that is not well-received or acknowledged by others. For in the rejection of your chosen art, there is a small rejection of you. But it will inevitably come; steel yourself for the hurt. Being an artist and getting my art "out there" definitely has helped me to be bold... because it is a necessity for a marketing, public artist. So, if you are a creative type (even just in spirit!) remember that to be creative will take courage and resolve; a backbone helps too. And don't forget, there will be a lot of supporters and compliments too.

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