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Post-Event Anxiety??

Hey guys! I just finished up the Holiday Artisan Faire this weekend at the Mt. Hood Oregon Resort (Welches, OR). It was a gorgeous ballroom space, filled with white twinkle lights and melodic Christmas instrumental music. While attendance wasn't at its peak, due to all the Black Friday weekend events, it was a great run of setting up my art booth and making a few sales. After setup Friday night, early-rising Saturday, manning the booth all weekend, and takedown, I am WIPED OUT! But the oddest thing about today is that I have post-event anxiety?? What the heck is this? =P Lol. I look around my toddler-beautified house and have an overwhelming weight that seems to be on my shoulders. Perhaps it is the physical exhaustion? The mental? Not sure... but it makes the most menial tasks hard when you feel likes your body is 3x heavier and the smallest blip of annoyance makes me want to shut down. Ah, well. At least the vacuuming is done. I will get to the Prize Drawing from this weekend soon and sit here at my computer a bit longer with a heating pad on my lap and a cup of coffee on my left. I'm sure my energy will return soon to reconstitute my house to a semi-organized state... right?? =)

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