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The Art Extravaganza... Happiness!

My heART loves to create. Ever since I was a small child, I have adored everything creative. Making my own bead set with "Lisa Frank" charms - hello, cardboard and stickers; hanging my own "whale mobile" with traced and cut-out paper whales; and repainting my "Grand Champion" brand model horses with better colors. As you may guess, volunteering at the Clackamas County Arts Alliance 2018 Art Extravaganza was a no-brainer for me. What a delight it was to see the spectrum of artists! From scupltors to painters to paper-crafters I was overjoyed to volunteer and enjoy the event (also, as seen in the photo above, they supplied coffee for me). Some highlights from the event were the teaching art Workshops that they offered (all full!) and the displaying artists. And I ended up buying way more art supplies than I planned at the pop-up shop for "I've Been Framed." Also, it was quite a treat to run into my absolute favorite coffeeshop Moonlight Coffeehouse & Boutique's pop-up booth and the owner Pixie. What did I glean from the experience? Well, besides having my heART made happy, I got so much inspiration for doing art. I have just scratched the surface on what I can do... and I better now stay away from Craft Warehouse and Hobby Lobby for awhile otherwise I might break the bank on art supplies. Live. Life. Boldly. - - - Karin "Kaelho" Hoffman

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