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Living Large! Mural in the Making

Painting on the large scale has been quite a thrill! There are different techniques that are used when creating a piece that is 2"x2" versus a 6'x4' or larger! When doing a large mural, such as "Mt. Hood Grandview", finding balance with detail is important. While the details are significant, the overall impression of the piece is the prime concern. "What feeling does it convey? Whati s the message that people read from the mural?" Although many are of the opinion that an artwork represents different things to different people, I believe that is only partially true. The underlining aim of the artist in creating almost always comes through in some aspect to the viewer of the artwork. It is unescapable. My purpose in "Mt. Hood Grandview" is to remind the viewers of the gorgeous, stunning beauty of our region. Mt. Hood in her glorious sun-adorned splendor, towering over the vast waves of fir trees. The hiking trail in the foreground represents the incredible opportunities we have to enjoy such lovely landscapes; the rhododendrons remind us that the color and beauty can also be found in the small scale all around us. I hope that no matter what personal impressions people glean from "Mt. Hood Grandview" the underlying message of beauty and awe of nature brightens their day and gives them a deeper appreciation for the Pacific NW. Thanks to David Snyder and James Cramer (and the Parks Board!) for helping facilitate this happening. I am thrilled to give back to my favorite City.

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