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The Busy, Busy Season

What a busy, busy season. I have been a busy, busy and rushing around as the summer season has come upon us. From friends, church, community, and family events it seems the calendar has consistently been full of commitments. I guess that is what happens when you are "adulting" - with kids thrown in the mix too. The "Mt. Hood Grandview" mural for the City of Sandy's Meinig Memorial park has just been completed and is currently drying in-between coats of lacquer. It will be so cool to see it up! Having little kids (3yrs & 1 yr) I happen to go to Meinig Park quite often. It will be fun to point it out to my daughter and remind her that it was in her grandparents' living room (her play room) for the last three months. Just need to get three more coats of lacquer and it will be ready for pickup! I have been thrilled to do this piece for my favorite city and hometown of Sandy, Oregon.

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