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Bam! Autumn is Here.

The summer ran by way too fast… One of my friends was commenting on this fact yesterday. It’s not just me! Got to say that the summer of 2018 is one of the busiest Summers I have experienced. Between raising children, going to family parties, events, art hangings, murals, and working on commissioned art, it has been a full three months.

Now that the cooler weather is on the horizon, it is easier to set a routine that includes more indoor time - hence, more painting time! The art I am working on now is a lovely bountiful garden piece. It will be the popular 48x24 canvas. Many of the fruits/vegetables are ones I have not previously painted in acrylic. Fun times for this painter!  Just received my new titanium white acrylic paint from Liquitex (favorite acrylic brand). I’m all set to keep working and bring some watermelons to life today!

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