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How to Find Balance as an Artist

Yo! Good morning, y'all. I sit here with my smoothie, coffee, and Bluetooth (with audiobook) ready to tell you about finding balance. (Que the maniacal laughter and rolling on the floor.) As a mom of two children (under 4 yrs) it is more of a finding PEACE journey. My children currently are in their room in another battle over toys after playing so happily together for the past three minutes... its quite tumultuous. [Interruption of children needing a diaper change. It was a big one.] The best analogy is that life is like a river... appreciate the moments of calm waters, but be ready to brace yourself for the rapids. There will be rapids, so don't get angry; love the easy moments and do what you will during those times. That is how I find balance as an artist. I paint during the serene times and HANDLE IT when I have to deal with life's rapids. Here are some tips: 1. Find a good creative space (as tiny as it may be! heck, a bathroom works) 2. Ascertain what moments/times are flexible enough to be creative/paint 3. Paint, paint, paint! Make it a priority and it WILL happen.

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